At your disposal packers, packs ensure a long life of your products

Plastic packaging films and film combinations, aluminum foil and paper, obtained by rolling technology. We provide various combinations of the 2 to 7 layers of material, for example. PE, OPP, PET, PE, aluminum foil, to protect and preserve the packaged product, but also our exterior.Materialele attire and appearance, as appropriate, anti-moisture barrier properties, anti-gas, anti-fat depending on the final product to be packaged. Materials are designed for operation on automatic packaging machines at customer speed and optimum temperature. The products are supplied in rolls, envelopes, bags preformed to the desired size of special clientSoluţii as applying cold bonding adhesive, laminate for sterilization and vacuum packaging are already part of standard product portfolio.

Pungi stand up Metalizate


We, SC ANTIGUA STAR SRL, manufacturers of packaging we want permanently satisfy our customers’ needs from products and services, promote a policy appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our business activities.


These General Business Object establish the legal framework that will unfold in the relationship between Antigua Star SRL (called here Seller-provider) and each of its clients (hereinafter, individually, Buyer-Client or Client).